Archan Knotz is an emerging multidisciplinary artist, originally from Gerabronn, Germany now living in Pugwash Nova Scotia.

Having studied Psychology at Mount St. Vincent, her artwork is influenced by thoughts of the human aging process, mortality and physical or mental displacement. Her portrayal of sentient beings, who seem to be fugitives of a cultural sense of beauty, provokes in her a sense of humor and deep caring for life.

Archan is an original member of the Pugwash Artist Collective where she exhibits annually; a member of the Tidnish Bidge Gallery; a regular presenter of art workshops at ArtQuarters in Pugwash; and a PAINTS artist with Visual Arts Nova Scotia.

Her two loves in life are a) exploring her own emotional landscape through creating art, and b) her growing resilience as an open water swimmer.

Artist's Statement: "Through your memories and perception you will view my artwork as it pleases you. As for me the moment of explanation is in the past, all I can offer is for someone else to be in the moment."

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Archan Knotz

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