"the artist photo"

 Bob Morouney


Bob Morouney used to share biographical data about himself, but this always ended in awkward silences and people remembering other places they had to get to.


Bob Morouney says: before ever picking up a pencil or a brush you must learn to sit like a mountain, stand like a tree, walk like the wind, and live on pure water.


In his Letter To A Young Artist, Bob Morouney advised: The water in a shallow well is warm and stale; drop your bucket where the coldest, freshest water can be found even if you must walk far beyond the beaten track.


A young artist asked if artworks have souls and Bob Morouney replied, Yes, and the

journey of an artwork's soul is the same as ours, arriving fresh from heaven then

slowly going to hell.


Bob Morouney doesn't talk about his work. He says his work speaks for itself. But I've been sitting here for over two hours with my eyes closed and I haven't heard a thing.


-- Michiko Kawaii, The Daily Planet                                 

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