Bob Morouney - his Story - Bob Morouney began life as a foundling left with the nuns of the infamous Red Chrysanthemum Monastery in western Mongolia. Sold to yak-herding nomads at a tender age, he was “rescued” by Irish mercenaries-turned-tomb robbers. After the shipwreck, he made his way from Sable Island to New Brunswick where he currently operates Hidden House Press while he plans his revenge.

the Press - Established in 2005, Hidden House Press grew around a 1/2 ton etching press. With a heavy press comes heavy responsibility. All processes used in the atelier are environmentally responsible and artist-safe, smoke-free, pet friendly, apolitical, non-denominational, spine-tingling, hard-rockin', beer-fueled naturalized Canadian vegetarian come in don't mind the dog she's friendly.

the Watercolours - Mention the sun-drenched coast of Southeast New Brunswick and everyone thinks of exotic Puerto Elgino, famed equally for the steamy flamenco the native women perform at dusk as for the vino de diente de leon, drink of the gauchos riding in circles across the pampas. No one talks of the unspeakable monochrome winter, the landscape reduced to the brutal black & white of our Canadian deepfreeze, howling winds that blow frozen wolverines tumbling across the arctic to thaw in Europe where they have driven the iconic Parisian grey squirrel to near-extinction. It’s at climes like this Puerto Elgino’s artisanistas paint brilliant watercolours, paintings bright enough to power their solar cells allowing them to just barely survive the winter by eating beeswax normally used for candles as a spread on crackers after the honey runs out.

“Bob Morouney’s paintings drag the secret tradition of Puerto Elgino acuarela into the second decade of the 21st Century and makes it dance like a monkey with a tin cup.” –the New York

Clay - Bob has this to say about his pottery: “Clay is another medium that brings out my creativity. Without creativity you're merely a tourist travelling where many have gone before. Creative people are explorers. We leave maps behind -- new paths begin with being lost – and we don't fear failure. I could survive without being creative, but survival's not enough. And another thing: pottery’s a real chick magnet. Even better than puppies.”

Hidden House Press 
136 Moore Road Extension
Otter Creek, NB E4M 3V6

Hidden house Press makes intaglio Prints: engravings, etchings, drypoint and aquatint images. Currently offered are prints from the series pandemonium diary, a collection of copperplate etchings. Pandemonium Diary is a record of the everyday, seen fresh and new possibilities glimpsed. Each print records a story in the intimate style of book illustration; they reward both close inspection and repeated viewings. The stories are in turn humorous, warm, or provoking, and ultimately full of hope for the future. Each image is hand-printed by the artist using the finest materials and limited to small editions of twenty four prints or less. Every print meets high standards for archival permanence while being produced using environment-friendly processes.

Bob was Artist-in-Residence in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland in the winter of 2014.  Bob may be reached at (506) 538-7640 or by e-mail at

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