Doris Daigle is a realistic watercolourist using transparent watercolours to depict everyday things that captivate her in the moment – each a splash of colour.  Her love affair with colour came early.  Her mother would say that the first thing Doris ever asked for were coloured crayons.

Although watercolour is her medium of choice, she experiments with acrylics, pastels and painting on silk.  No matter the medium, vibrant hues find themselves in all her works. Her subjects include flowers, still lifes, landscape, portraits and animals.  She is currently exploring various subjects:  shells as a metaphor for life.  Doris also enjoys imparting her knowledge of painting with local artist groups.

She has a reverence for nature and the outdoors, colours and flavours. Her activities include hiking and travel, gardening and cooking – her bookshelf spice rack is an international collection of spices with which she and her husband explore the world through their kitchen.

Some of her artworks have made it to the California coast and Tennessee, to France and Germany, and various parts of Canada.

“Colours are my first love. In painting, I aim to depict often near-euphoric observations of the everyday things – singular moments in time – that make the world a magical place.  I wish for time to stop so that we can all feel the peace that is possible in all things.  I hope to steer others towards witnessing this enchantment through my eyes, this desiderata – that which is to be desired.”

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