Diana 2022

Diana VERTIS McIsaac’s portfolio includes watercolor, acrylics, pastels and
photography. Her paintings have been exhibited in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Portugal and can be found throughout Canada, the United States and the British Isles.


She has taught painting classes for Tantramar Seniors College (TSC), the Tidnish
Community Center, the Sackville Art Association, the Gallery and she offers private lessons. It was Diana’s inspiration that led to the establishment of the Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery in the summer of 2010. Diana’s ideas and efforts have led to many successful arts promotion events as well as fundraising for local charities. She received the 2012 Cumberland County Volunteer of the Year Award for her volunteer contributions to her community.


Diana is a current member, Past President and Board Director of the Sackville Art
Association in New Brunswick, Canada. Diana credits increased inspiration to her
involvement with this association and recognizes, with appreciation, artist Joan Gregory as her mentor.

She makes her home at Seagrove, Nova Scotia, Canada and can be reached at
vertis@seaside.ns.ca. Her website is: www.VERTISarts.com

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